Tips To Help You Conceive A Girl

I’m going to try to make this brief, because I know you’re here because you want to conceive a girl baby, so I’m going to tell you what I believe will help you to get the best results, step by step. First though, I have to tell you that I’m not a doctor, scientist or medical expert (if you have any questions about this, please read the terms of service and policies.) I can share what research has taught me though. And that’s exactly what I’m doing. If you are in a hurry, you can read my “conceive a girl in three steps cheat sheet,” by clicking here.  Ok, so on to it.

1. Step One: Know Your EXACT PH Going In. This is very important. You’ll need a highly acidic PH to conceive a girl, so it’s important to know where you are so you can see what you need to tweak to get “in the PH zone” for a girl. You can get PH strips at most health food stores or you can get them shipped right to your door for cheap on Ebay (affiliate). You can check to see the PH strips available on ebay by clicking here. (You will probably need to scroll all the way down and these are usually under the phrase “gynex” or something similar.) You can change your PH either by douching or by eating and avoiding certain foods. Which method you chose (you can go with both) depends on what you are comfortable with.

2. Step Two: Change Your PH To The “Girl Zone,” And Conceive In A Way That Takes Advantage Of This: So, how do you know your optimal PH or the douche / foods to use to get it? How do you know which sexual / intercourse positions to use and when? I have two sources, depending on which method you prefer (food or douching):

a) In the past, I have recommended Rebecca’s Washburn’s book.  However, I was directed to a new book which I have found to be even better and quite a bit more popular.  That book is by a mid wife named Alicia Pennington and she first used the method on herself and then countless patients.  The results were very impressive. And her website is chock full of free tips and videos plus sweet stories of her patients, some of whom overcome some odds. The book is called “Prince Or Princess and it’s become quite popular.  If you check out the site, I think you’ll see why.

b) Ashley Spenser’s Gender Selection Ebook is very similar and is also a very great book, but it focuses more on foods to alter PH and does not rely upon douches. So, if you’re opposed to douching, this would be a better choice. It seems many people prefer the food route, as this Ashley’s Spenser’s is the best selling gender selection ebook on the market. She used to give seminars on her methods, but as a busy mom herself, she decided to just put what she knew in an ebook instead so she didn’t have to travel anymore and be away from her kids.

3. Step Three: Know Your EXACT Ovulation Day And Conceive During The Window Prior To This And Via The Positions Given In The Books As Directed: I believe that predicting ovulation and controlling PH are the two most important pieces of this puzzle. To conceive a girl, you need to give the boy sperm time to die off before the egg is released. So, you have to know EXACTLY when the egg will release. For that reason, I highly suggest using a saliva ovulation predictor. They use saliva for DNA tests. Why? Because it is extremely accurate. 

The clearblue easy ovulation strips I was originally using were not showing ovulation for me. I would run out of strips and give up. When I tried the saliva tests, I found I was ovulating on day 20, but I WAS ovulating, and regularly. These testers are completely reusable, so you can see your varying results from one day to the next, or hour by hour if you wish. They are very inexpensive (under $30), and last forever.  If you don’t have one, they can be hard to find. I recommend getting these on Ebay because they are so cheap there, usually under $30. You can run a real time Ebay (affiliate) search by click here to see what is available. (or just look at the bottom right hand of this site.) A lot of us have used them and swear by them. If you’re not a member, you can sign up for ebay by clicking here.

That’s it. Repeat this method until you conceive your baby girl. Read which ever resource you chose carefully to formulate your plan and then be very diligent about following it to the letter. (affiliate disclosure)

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